Stand Up Mobile

Stand Up Mobile (SUM) is committed to bringing the power of the Black vote to elections at all levels. SUM believes it is important that all people have their voices heard, especially those that are too often excluded from the political, economic, and social institutions that shape their lives.

Savage Daughters Joins Central Community

Assata Hashi Ninak Aya (she/her) is a Black and Indigiqueer mama who is the Founding Executive Director of Savage Daughters, a sacred space united in opposition to historical labels of savagery that sought to silence us, forging a path towards a future where Black and Indigenous Women and Two Spirit are free to make our own informed wellness choices.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for HEART, an organization creating a world where all Muslims are safe and exercise self determination over their reproductive lives in the communities we live, work, and pray.  She most recently joined Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD), as the Social Media Coordinator, empowering and connecting Queer and Trans Muslims.

Porcelain Sculptures for Blackberry Farm Design

Haran Schwall recently created 16 porcelain sculptures for Blackberry Farm Design, an extremely high end luxury resort in Maryville, TN. Harlan created a single porcelain bird feather with gold for each of their 16 Holly Glade suites. The birds are all indigenous to Tennessee area.

Four Funky Art Chicks – A “3 in 1” Immersive Art Day

Janie and Renee Wallace, Ardith Goodwin, and LeaAyn Shurley of Moon Struck Pottery are offering a collaborative all-day art workshop in painting, pottery, and resin assemblage in their beautiful studios at Central Midtown!

This all-day event will lead participants through three individualized artistic two-hour workshops.

Welcome John Halliday to Central

John began watercolor painting while traveling through Asia during graduate school. Transitioning from the forgiving chalk pastels as a primary medium took time and patience. This process resulted in John developing a loose and distinct style that he continues to refine. John has worn many hats in his work career, including being a nurse, designer, teacher, and ultimately a full time artist. He loves partnering with students of all ages as they explore and discover within the creative process. The greatest thing in the world is the freedom I feel as I paint. Free to explore, free to create, free to express.

Mobile Book Expo

The Mobile Book Expo is more than just a book event. The Expo’s mission is to provide opportunities for authors to present and sell their books, network with other authors, and learn more about the craft of writing.