Creatives, Nonprofits, Startups

Central Midtown is home to dozens of nonprofits, mental health professionals, artists, and community-centered small businesses.  Coworking is a way to join this inclusive community while having access to services to help your venture thrive and create.

High-Speed Fiber-Based WIFI
Natural Light
Coffee Machine
Access 7 Days a Week
Light Box
Business Printer/Copier/Scanner
Rooftop Lounge
Commercial Kitchen Use

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    What kind of social impact are you hoping to make in our city?

    Raspberry Berated

    After working for 12 years in a corporate environment, I was looking for a change. After all this time, I could finally focus on doing whatever I wanted and find what makes me happy. While coworking at Central, I found exactly what I was looking for. For me, it meant having a place where I could be creative in that space and not clutter my house with all the ‘things’ that go into my business. The other part was being around other artists, because I feel that creativity feeds on creativity, which is very important to me. It creates a specific energy that you’re not going to get anyplace else.
    Raspberrry Berated

    Finding a home base for our business has been a challenge. After a couple of experiences at Central, we found that the energy and opportunities were a right fit for the kind of business that we offer to our clients. After learning about and taking part in the Co-working opportunity, we believe that our business has found it’s chance to get established and work on our future plans to make our business effective in the community.

    The Black Ink Coalition

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      What kind of social impact are you hoping to make in our city?