Free Home Energy Clinic at Central Midtown

July 6 Workshop is designed to help local homeowners increase the energy efficiency of their houses and help save money.

Central Midtown is hosting a free Home Energy Clinic on July 6 to teach local homeowners how to make their homes more energy efficient.

By implementing free and inexpensive upgrades and repairs, participants will learn how to save up to 30% in home energy costs while creating more environmentally-friendly energy systems.

Stephen Guesman, a green building educator and builder from northern Alabama, will be leading the workshop, which teaches people the most cost-effective, energy-efficient methods for duct sealing, air sealing, insulation, and natural cooling. He will also address issues of indoor air quality, moisture, mold, and ventilation.

The workshop is sponsored by Central Presbyterian Church and Alabama Interfaith Power and Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental justice, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy from the faith perspective.

The workshop will be Wednesday, July 6 from 9am – 12pm, followed by training sessions throughout the week for people who would like additional hands-on training.

Those interested in attending the workshop should contact Central Presbyterian Church at (251) 432-0591 or email [email protected].